From Recreational to Commercial Pilots and everything in between.

If you've wanted to learn to fly but didn't know where to start, inquire about one of our upcoming FREE learn to fly seminars or book a Trial Introductory Flight and take the controls to fly the plane. 


Whether you are local or want to take the drive down from Perth, flying at Bunbury Aero Club is fun and informative. There are no landing fees or long taxiway holding times, which can make it cheaper than learning to fly at busy Jandakot.  


Flight training is generally broken into  General Aviation (GA) or Recreational Aviation (RA) depending on the size and weight of plane you wish to fly.  We can always help you decide which pathway to take.

When you learn at Bunbury Aero Club, a not-for-profit organisation, you are treated like one of our fellow aviation members and the learning doesn't stop in the plane.  


Our members are always happy to share their knowledge, whether it be at one of our famous Big Breakfasts or other numerous social events.  Our club rooms are open 7 days a week, so feel free to drop in for a chat with one of our friendly instructors or call us on

08 9725 4377.