If your intention is to fly a light aeroplane purely for recreation and only fly solo or with one passenger, then Recreational Aviation (RA Aus) may be best suited to your needs. Most recreational aircraft run on the same fuel as cars and generally cost less to operate. You do not have to meet the more stringent aviation medical standards required to fly General Aviation.  If you decide to convert to General Aviation down the track, your hours will count in full, even towards a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL).

A RPC will allow you to fly a light sport single-engine aeroplane with not more than 2 seats and a maximum take-off weight of 600 kg.  You can do so by day only, and within a radius of 25 nautical miles (about 46 kilometres) from your home base outside controlled airspace. To venture further afield you can do a Cross-Country Endorsement, and to carry a passenger you will need to do a Passenger Carrying Endorsement.

To be issued with the certificate you have to be 15 years of age, and have signed a health declaration stating that you are fit to hold a driver’s licence for an Australian state (you can instead do a Class 2 Aviation Medical as required for a Private Pilot Licence).

On the flying side, you must have completed a minimum of 20 hours training including not less than 5 hours solo, and on a full time basis, the course can be completed in about 5 weeks.  The theory component is broken down into 4 exams but if you find it difficult to self study ask about our Ground Theory Courses.

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